Composite Tool Cleaning

Composite Tool Cleaning

Cold Jet’s dry ice cleaning systems have helped manufacturers meet stringent industry demands by providing a composite tool cleaning, surface prep, and part deflashing solution that is fast, dry, and non-abrasive.

What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Dry ice blast cleaning accelerates dry ice particles through high-velocity nozzles onto the surface being cleaned. The combination of the kinetic and thermal gradient effects, breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate. The dry ice particles sublimate on impact, transitioning from a solid to a gas, leaving no secondary waste. Cold Jet dry ice blasting extends the life of a mold by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, wire brushes and coarse pads. It is a non-abrasive mold cleaning solution that protects the critical dimensions and geometric shapes of parting lines and sealing surfaces and preserves the mold surface finish.

Enhanced Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Environmentally-friendly and responsible clean

Cleans in-place, no cool down required

Non-abrasive cleaning that extends asset life

Composite Tool Cleaning

There are a variety of materials utilized in the construction of composite tooling, from epoxies and urethanes to aluminum and steel, including Teflon-coated tools and tools that are highly polished. Tooling used for, but not limited to, compression molding, resin transfer molding, extrusion, injection molding, pre-pregging and wet-layup are all exceptional applications for dry ice blast cleaning. It can also safely remove a variety of residual process contaminants from the molds, including mold release agents, epoxy, Teflon tape, silicone, phenolic, carbon, graphite and many more without damaging the tooling.

Mold Cleaning

This anodized aluminum mold has a semi-permanent mold release on it called Frekote. The right half has been cleaned with a Cold Jet dry ice cleaning system.

Deflashing & Surface Prep

Dry ice is a non-abrasive media that does not alter the dimensional characteristics of the part nor damage the surface of the parts to be painted or deflashed. It is also dry, eliminating the need to have or opperate a drying oven. We are improving both quality and efficiency standards.


Cold Jet used in an automated deflashing cell. Deflashing the perimeter of a composite automotive part.

Surface Prep

In this instance, dry ice cleaning is being used in an automated surface preparation paint line.

Cleaning Machines for Composite Applications

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Cold Jet Dry Ice Cleaning for Composite Tool Cleaning
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